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SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) module focuses on management and financial budgetingand consolidation as well as collaboration through reports and scorecards. Another important feature in it is the predictive forecasting based on historical data.

Training Objectives of BPC:

SAP BPC is designed to empower every user without any skills, you can easily gain access to interact with and leverage financial and operational data for timely and effective decision making. It is a robust, multiuser platform which is totally integrated with Microsoft Excel. Initially leveraging off the power of Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services there is now another version that uses SAP Netweaver as its back end database.

Target Students / Prerequisites:

Students must have financial knowledge in budgeting and familiar with basic concepts in SAP BI and ABAP and Database Connections.

Course Details


  • What is EPM, BPC, BI-IP
  • Architecture BPC-MS ,NW
  • Release strategy
  • Terminology


  • Creating Applications and Applying Dimensions
  • Architecture of an Application
  • Explain the Tables, Optimization Options and Compression
  • Loading Transaction Datausing a FlatFile
  • Creating a Transformation File
  • Creating a conversion file
  • Introduction to Logic/Calculations
  • Loading and Validating Data
  • Working with BPC for Excel
  • Developing Reports
  • Developing Input Schedules
  • BPC Comments
  • Book Publication
  • Working with BPC Web
  • Working with BPC for Word and BPC for PowerPoint
  • Advanced reports using multiple EvDRE
  • Creating Custom Buttonsand Assigning Macros
  • Advanced Formatting options using Properties
  • Demonstrate Building Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports using EVDRE
  • Demonstrate building a report reading datafrom multiple applications using EVDRE
  • In-depth study on BPC process flows


  • Explain the Planning Process
  • Define the planning Model
  • Functional Specifications
  • Seeding the Plan
  • Rolling Forward Forecast
  • Calculations using Script Logic
  • Calculations Using Worksheet Logic
  • Allocations using Script Logic
  • CurrencyConversion – Direct and using script logic
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Cost Centerplanning dry run


  • Hot Analysis
  • ParknGo
  • BPC Journals
  • BPC Audit
  • Comments
  • Custom Menu
  • Business Process Flows
  • Lab Exercises
  • Project Exercises

Security Set up

  • Task Profile
  • Member Access Profiles
  • Users and Teams
  • Work StatusSettings
  • Using Standard Data managerPackages
  • Creating Custom Data Manager Packages
  • Automationof Master Data and Transactional Data

Pre- Requisites

  • SAP BW Knowledge
  • SAP FICOKnowledge
  • Microsoft Excel

Note: The course mainly focus on BPC system training, Planning and budgeting process, BI Concepts, FICO concepts. Or all the topics related to SAP BPC310 NW Version topics